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Do you need to do an Electoral Register UK Search? Perhaps you need to locate a missing person, check to see you are on the Electoral register, check who lived at an address in a given year?. An electoral register UK search can be easily done for years from 2000 - 2012 and is quick, highly accurate and both free and premium search  results are displayed.

The only way to get a guaranteed free electoral register search is to visit the local council offices in your UK area and book a supervised inspection of the electoral register. This is not always very convenient and can take a very long time to conduct a search.

Its well worth carrying out an online search as a good proportion of the search results are free and even if you need to buy a premium search they only cost a few pence each (if no free results are available)

You can filter your electoral register searches by the age of the person you are looking for, by their occupation or even just search for a property address to see who lives there!.

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Searching the Electoral Register

To search the electoral register you need the persons name, if you have a middle initial or clue where they may be living, a radius of 12 miles from Hargrave for example, this helps to reduce the number of results and enable you to find the person you are searching for quicker.

Go to "Electoral Register UK FREE Search" or click on the 192 or banners to start your Electoral Register search today and get your results in seconds.

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